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Triumph of Completion Over Challenges

If you listen carefully, you’ll still be able to hear the cheers echoing through the halls of the Lowton Community Hub as we proudly announce the triumphant passage through building control, gaining the nod of approval from our esteemed funders, Sport England and Wigan Council. This moment marks the culmination of a journey riddled with obstacles, late challenges, and relentless determination.

Overcoming late hurdles

Our path to success wasn’t without its share of challenges. Late in the game, we faced unexpected hurdles, from the installation of a 3-phase meter to the construction of an additional disabled access ramp as well as pushing our case with the energy ombudsman. The meticulous pursuit of full fire and safety certification became a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating a space that prioritises accessibility and safety for all.

Gaining the stamp of approval from Sport England and Wigan Council is not just a formality; it signifies the alignment of our vision with the standards set by our valued funders. Their acknowledgment reaffirms our commitment to providing a hub that transcends mere infrastructure—a space that truly serves the needs and aspirations of our community.

As we announce this milestone, there is a collective exhale of relief and a swell of pride within the Lowton Community Hub team. The challenges we faced were met with resilience, turning potential setbacks into opportunities for growth and improvement. This achievement is a shared success, a reflection of our community’s spirit and determination.


Café Open and the coffee's on us! ☕️

In celebration of this victory, we are delighted to announce that our café is now open, and to express our gratitude for your unwavering support, the coffee is on us! The café is more than a place to enjoy a cup; it’s a hub of conversation and camaraderie. We invite you to join us, share stories, and be part of the warmth that fills the air at the Lowton Community Hub.

To our community, stakeholders, and everyone who contributed to this journey, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your support has been the driving force behind this accomplishment, and we invite you to share in the pride of what we’ve collectively achieved.

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to a future filled with community engagement, shared experiences, and the continued growth of the Lowton Community Hub.

 Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.


Community Feedback – New Plans for old hut

We are thrilled to share the outcomes of our recent consultation meeting, where we came together to brainstorm ideas and plans for the future of our neighborhood following the demolition of the pensioners hut. Building upon the findings of our survey conducted last November, we sought your input on key questions and priorities for the redevelopment of the site. The level of participation and engagement was truly inspiring, reflecting our collective commitment to shaping a brighter future for our community.

We are always looking for more feedback so If you haven’t already, please complete the following questionnaire here.

Insights and findings from second consultation

Questionare responses

During the meeting, we revisited the questions asked in the survey, which aimed to gather insights on the community’s needs, preferences, and priorities. From discussions and analysis of the survey data, several key takeaways emerged:

  1. Youth-Centric Approach: There was overwhelming support for a project centered around young people, with respondents highlighting the importance of providing opportunities for youth empowerment, skill-building, and social engagement. The desire for a space that fosters inclusivity, creativity, and personal development was echoed by many participants.

  2. Community Events Space: A shared sentiment among community members was the need for a dedicated space to host community events, gatherings, and activities. Participants emphasized the importance of creating a hub where residents can come together to socialize, celebrate, and strengthen community bonds.

  3. Innovative Solutions: Discussions also explored alternative ideas for the redevelopment of the site, with three standout concepts emerging:

    • A community garden or green space, providing residents with a tranquil oasis for relaxation and recreation.
    • A cultural center or arts hub, offering programming and resources to celebrate the rich diversity and heritage of our community.
    • A pizzeria and youth hub, combining culinary training, social enterprise, and community engagement to create a vibrant and inclusive space for all.

Building upon these insights, we proposed the concept of a pizzeria and youth hub as a potential solution for the site. The idea garnered enthusiastic support from everyone, who recognised the potential to address multiple community needs while also offering a unique solution to our problems. In particular, the use of a permanent steel container for the pizzeria was seen as a forward-thinking and sustainable solution, as it is a long term solution, cost effective and has low environmental impact and maximise efficiency.

Previous meeting

Please click here to read the discussion of the previous community consultation about the fate of the pensioners hut including the condition survey.

As we move forward, we are committed to further researching and refining the concept of the pizzeria and youth hub, taking into account the valuable feedback and suggestions shared during the consultation meeting. Together, we have laid the groundwork for an exciting new chapter in our community’s history—one that prioritises the needs of our youth, celebrates our collective identity, and fosters a sense of belonging for all. We will continue to develop the concept further and a business plan to hopefully apply for funding within the next 2 months. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the meeting and contributed their ideas and insights. Your voices are essential in guiding the future direction of our community, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.


Pensioners Hut Front2

The fate of the pensioners hut

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the recent community consultation meeting regarding the future of the old pensioners hut. Your presence, engagement, and valuable contributions made the event a resounding success. Thank you to Mrs Keane for providing a history of the pensioners hut and the offer to provide an interview. It is much appreciated. 

During the meeting, we witnessed a fantastic exchange of ideas and concerns that underscored the deep-rooted connection and care our community has for its surroundings. Many of you voiced your frustration and disappointment over the deteriorating condition of the hut, describing it as an “eye sore”. 

Pensioners Hut Front2

Pensioners Hut front 3

Pensioners Hut Side

Pensioners Hut Electric Metre

Pensioners Hut Broken in to


Pensioners hut condition report

A condition survey of the pensioners hut was conducted and presented at the meeting. IN summary:

The hut stands as a symbol of neglect, with its walls, ceilings, and roofs crumbling under the weight of years of decay. Structural integrity is compromised, posing significant safety risks to anyone who may enter. Additionally, the presence of exposed electrical wiring, rodent infestations, and rampant dampness only exacerbates the hazards present within the structure.
But it's not just the interior that's cause for concern. The outdoor area surrounding the hut is equally neglected, with overgrown vegetation and uneven terrain creating trip hazards for passersby. It's clear that the hut, once a cherished community space, has become a liability—a danger to those who dare to venture near. In light of these findings, our recommendation is clear: immediate demolition and remediation of the site are necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of our community.

The report has provided 3 recommendations:

  1. Immediate Demolition: Given the extent of deterioration and safety hazards identified, it is recommended to proceed with the immediate demolition of the hut to mitigate risks to public safety and prevent further deterioration.

2. Site Cleanup and Remediation: Following demolition, the site should undergo thorough cleanup and remediation to remove debris, hazardous materials, and overgrown vegetation, restoring it to a safe and usable condition.

3. Future Development: With the hut removed, there is an opportunity to explore redevelopment options for the site, such as the construction of a new community facility or green space that better serves the needs of the community.

The report concluded that condition assessment of the pensioners hut reveals severe deterioration and safety hazards that necessitate urgent intervention. Demolition and remediation of the site are recommended to mitigate risks and pave the way for future redevelopment. By addressing these issues proactively, we can ensure the safety and well-being of the community while revitalising the surrounding area for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Your feedback

We heard loud and clear your concerns regarding the lack of recreational and developmental opportunities for our young people. The absence of a youth club and accessible training programs was a recurring theme, highlighting the urgent need for initiatives that empower and engage our youth. Your dedication to the well-being and future prospects of our younger generation is inspiring.

Amidst these challenges, it was great to see the creativity and enthusiasm with which you proposed solutions and ideas. Suggestions ranged from re-establishing the old youth club to creating a community space serving food to draw in young people. The emphasis on providing training and skill-building opportunities for youth further demonstrates our collective commitment to fostering growth and empowerment within our community. 

Action plan

Plans for the remediation and cleanup of the site will be agreed, with a focus on removing debris, hazardous materials, and overgrown vegetation to restore the area to a safe and usable condition. There are considerable costs for waste removal and disposal in addition to the ‘making safe’ of the live electrical and water supply in the hut. We will be therefore seeking contributions from qualified companies and electricians to accomplish this task. 

Within the next 2 weeks we will be gathering further feedback, ideas and input of what you would like to see in place of hut once it has been demolished. This meeting will be organised and take place in January 2024.

So until then let us please wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year and that you for all of your input. It is very much appreciated.

Lowton Youth CLub

Revisiting Lowton- Plans for transformation

Members of Award winning judo club are ecstatic after securing their long term future at Lowton Youth and Community Centre.

After outgrowing their previous facility, the club have renovated the sports hall of the centre investing over £10,000 assets including a brand new sprung floor, wall safety cladding an over 90m2 mat area allowing the club to expand further and reach its full potential in the heart of our community.

The build was completed entirely by volunteers and members from the club who worked tirelessly to accomplish a finish professional designers and sports clubs would aspire to. Started by Chairman and Head coach Luke Brown, the 3 year old club has grown dramatically over the past two years, so much so that the club quickly outgrew its previous facility.

Luke explained, “we’re very excited to secure the long term future of the club. It’s been its been a long and arduous process but we persevered and accomplished something we’re all very proud of”.

Mr Luke Brown said, “It’s been a real collective effort from all our board, committee, members and volunteers, it really does show what can be accomplished if the community comes together.” After visiting the club, the energy and positive atmosphere is palpable. It’s clear to see how the club, members and local community are already benefitting from the club’s new permanent home. Indeed many of the members were delighted with the home.

The members of club are now settled into their new venue and are already reaping the benefits,

“It’s been very exciting being part of the development of the new club. It’s been a lot of effort but completely worth it!” said one of the senior members.

The senior members and parents beamed with pride when discussing the new facility and mat area with many full of praise for Coach and Chairman Luke Brown.

“It’s really nice when a group of like minded individuals all come together and work hard to achieve a goal. Luke had a vision and he shared it with all of us and with a little hard work, determination and dedication we reached the finishing line. On behalf of all of us I would like to thank Luke for involving us on his journey, it’s been a pleasure being part of it” explained parent Tony Parr.

After limited use over the past few years, the centre has already become a hub of health and activity with the involvement of Leigh Judo Club. It’s a fantastic achievement for the club who have provided an incredible resource for the whole community of Lowton.

Further information can be found at

Womens self defence at LCH

Success at women’s self defence course

Feedback following our recently delivered Women’s self defence course has been hugly positive. Delivered by resident partner, Kokoro Jujitsu, the 5 week course involved various aspects of self defence to help to build confidence, self esteem and to educate local women.

While everyone was understandably nervous on the first day (with the vast majority having no knowledge of how to defend themselves), the friendly and relaxed environment of the hub’s dojo soon made everyone feel welcomed and happy. Each session commenced with a talk from Black Belt 4th Dan Ian Charlson on a variety of subjects – including preparation, awareness and avoidance. Followed by the expert instruction of techniques and principles of self-defence. Each session gradually built up knowledge and confidnece from the previous sessions with the local police also attending to share information regarding self defence and the law. 

“The course has increased my confidence and given me a skill set that although I will hopefully never have to use, it is very useful to have.”

With the attendees skills and confidence growing, all of the local ladies felt comfortable in defending themselves, even against an attacker with a weapon or when pinned to a wall in their final week test. Everyone felt they had learned useful skills at the right pace, and were hoping to return for future courses.

One of the ladies said, “It is really good value for money with a friendly instructor who was understanding and encouraging”. With another adding, “the course has increased my confidence and given me a skill set that although I will hopefully never have to use, it is very useful to have.”

With it’s success, Kokoro Jujitsu have commited to a repeat Womens self defence course in the Autumn 2020. Hosted again at Lowton Community Hub, the 5 week course will aim to teach simple and effective techniques to protect yourself in a safe and friendly environment. 

To find out more about Kokoro Jujitsu club or to sign up for the course click the link below…