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Lowton objection to Wain Homes planning

Lowton East Neighbourhood Development Forum (LENDF)

Minutes of Meeting held on 10 February 2020, at Lowton Social Club

  • Chair – Ed Thwaite
  • Cllr Kath Houlton
  • Apologies, (MP) and Cllr James Grundy, Cllr Edward Houlton
  • Minutes taken by – Gill Turner

LENDF Meeting 10 February 2020

No. of attendees – 19

Minutes from last meeting – not read at meeting but copies had been sent out by email, posted onto Facebook and paper copies were available.
Welcome to Guests and New Visitors

Plans for Jolly Carter passed to LENDF

1. Jolly Carter – New owner

The owner contacted LENDF about how the site will be used. He used to run Courtyard Motors from Sandy Lane and wanted more security after being robbed there. He has submitted plans to use the site to sell cars. This will be by appointment only and people will not just turn up and it will not be a garage.

All this is done online. There will be a fence and the vehicles will park at the back. The front will have a drive on the left side and a garage for owner’s vehicle. There will be a garden at the front.

No objections were raised at the meeting and all agreed it would look better when completed.

2. Wigan Leader complains about air quality but still keeps passing plans for houses along East Lancs Road (A580)

Wigan Council now has a five year plan and is still passing planning application for new houses in our area. Wigan Council has been accused of ignoring residents regarding poor air quality and the chnage sin poloution of NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide). There are no plans by Wigan to reduce NO2 levels to come in line with the legal limits. 56,000 vechicles per day are going through Lowton/Golborne down the A580 (East Lancs Rd).

Christine Lewis and others from Traffic Action Group for Lowton and Golborne went to the Town Hall in Wigan regarding objecting to the Bloor Homes new application at Lowton. They wanted to make a point and it was reported in the news (Wigan today) but housing in our area is still being passed.

3. Greater Manchester is not being forced to build on Greenbelt

It was reported that Andy Burnham has earmarked some areas of Green Belt to be built on. Objections to the Government Inspector for constraints in areas of natural beauty / greenbelt could be successful. 

4. St Helens Parkside MP asked for Planning to be called in

650 acres of Green belt that was in the Planning Application has not yet been taken out of the Greenbelt. James Grundy (MP) has issued a letter asking for the Planning Application to be called in. An article in the Leigh Journal reported that Mr Grundy called it a crackpot idea.

St Helens Council agreed that there were 667 objections but the changes in the planning wanted people to keep objecting to each change. This is a joint venture with Langtree and St Helens Council and St Helens Council passed the planning application marking their own homework.

Residents from Wigan and Warrington together with Wigan and Warrington Councils all objected. Andy Carter, MP for Warrington South and James Grundy, MP for Leigh, both objected to the Planning Application.

The planning application intends to block the entrance to the site on the A49(Newton Road), which was the original entrance so access with be through Golborne Dale Road, Lane Head, East Lancs Road, etc (all Wigan Roads). Access will be at the top of Winwick Lane near the M6 junction. A permanent 7.5 ton limit is being sought on Winwick Lane.

The MP for Warrington North may also support a ‘call in’ if approached.

5. Angry Residents petition Wain Homes

In the Wain Homes Planning Applications it stated that people buying these properties would either get a bus pass or be given a bike. How many have received either? Angry residents presenting objections to Wigan Town Hall has made local news. A petition was delivered with more than 2,000 signatures. This equates to 20% objections of all adults. How to stop more houses being passed/building causing urban sprawl? We have less greenbelt and less air quality. Lowton is losing its character. We are still waiting for a date for planning meeting for the Bloor Homes application.

Stone Cross Lane and Lane Head is full and over capacity each morning with traffic. This is causing people to be late for work, even though they are setting off earlier, school buses being late, angry drivers, bad accidents waiting to happen, etc. Application for planning on the site of the bottle pit is still ongoing.

6. Wigan pass huge Industrial Estate at the side of the M6

The site is an old business park but Green belt land has also been released. There is public out cry about the Green belt land being released. The area is reported to be creating 1,600 new job opportunities once complete.

7. AOB

A super rail depot at Platt Bridge has been completed and has cost £46 million. This is for servicing trains. There has been no improvement in roads/infrastructure. 

Diggle Green
There are not many problems in Lowton at the moment but believe all the odours are going into Culcheth. This should be reported to the Environment Agency on 0800 807 060.

Pocket Nook Lane
It was reported that Mr Walsh has sold his land down Pocket Nook Lane (bottom of track,4 fields) to builders. It was owned by the Coal Board and they had a lifetime tenancy. They have been given 12 months to move.

Andy Burnham (Mayor for Manchester) has vowed for Police to be on every beat. This is to be paid for through Council Tax (and extra £28 on top of the extra £12 last year). This has to be agreed by all Councils within Manchester.

Rothwell’s Farm, Golborne. It looks like more land could be released.
Redbank School has been passed for housing on the A49, near the current entrance to Parkside.

It was reported that new lights had been erected on Sandy Lane but passed the Red brick House there had been no lights on over the weekend. Councillor Kath Houlton would look into this.

There is a meeting on the 20th February 2020 of the La GTAC General Committee at 19:00 Golborne Library, back entrance.

➢ The group are asking for volunteers to create suggested working groups to join. If you are interested in any of the below, please attend the meeting and make the group aware:

  • Police & Emergency Services
  • Highways and Infrastructure
  • Planning (Houses and Commercial Development affecting traffic issues)
  • Formal Transport organisation (eg TfGM, HE, TEGM, rail, etc)
  • Business Liaison (Shops & Commercial, Transport – Haulage and Freight, etc)
  • Environmental issues (pollution, health, etc)
  • Safety
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Communication (Media, etc)
  • Finance
  • Schools liaison

NEXT LENDF next monthly meeting: 
Monday 9 March 2020 @ 19:30 (7:30pm)
Location: Lowton Social Club
All welcome

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